The Wedding is On!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011 The “Knocking” – Samuel and Henrietta This is an interesting ceremony where the whole family of the potential groom visits the family of the potential bride to ask for her hand in marriage. In the U.S. this is an old ceremony and usually only includes the man asking the parents of […]

Where in the world is….

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I realize that some of you may be wondering, “where in the world is Kathleen?” Some of you do not know that I have chosen to “retire” a little early, leaving the rat race for the race to sustainability here at Joy2theWorld. The need for funds (as with any non-profit) is on-going. We are always […]

Food in Ghana!

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Well, the word diet comes to mind. While there isn’t the constant barrage of “looking good” books, magazines, TV programs and radio ads, there is still the chatter going on in my head from time to time. Two categories: one, what is healthy to eat here (that is nourishing and will not make you “suffer” […]