The Well

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This has been a long journey. Of course, in the U.S., we call a year “long”. The drilling for water seemed to come so easy. In fact, within days the community celebrated fresh water. The community leaders agreed to place a sign in front of the well “Thank you to the women of Joy2theWorld” and it is a beauty! But it took a great deal of communication and negotiation to get this done. Acknowledging that it was the WOMEN who brought Joy2theWorld to Ghana takes time. Still, we consider this a great success! Notice the two flags.

Team in the Field – Matthew Brady

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Matthew Brady, a member of New Medicine, contacted Joy2theWorld last summer inquiring about our work in Ghana.  Matthew spent a month in Ghana (University of Ghana) while in college and he missed the wonderful people there.  Could he join us on our next trip?  But how would Matthew “make a difference”? As it turned out, […]

Team in the Field – Nancy Barrera

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Nancy Barrera, a good friend of Joy2theWorld, and a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, joined the team to introduce a simple version of a compost toilet.  Sanitation is a huge concern for our women.  We take so much for granted here.  In rural Ghana, families are LUCKY to share an outhouse, using chemicals […]

Update to the Success of our Well Site

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Good news about our wellsite!  First, it has a beautifully painted sign thanking the women of Joy2theWorld in Medie.  More importantly, it has been determined that the well is capable of providing fresh water to at least 45% of the population of Medie.  Mr. Lartey, a government official, indicated that because the water is so […]

Progress Report

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200 First, second and third level loans. We are proud to announce that over 200 women have had access to loans, repaid them, and in some cases applied and received their second or third level of loans. At the present time, we are approving approximately 20 loans per month. Equally important is that we can say that 100% of our […]

Project in Progress

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I had shared the story of the well with Matthew the night before.  Joy2theWorld drilled a bore hold for fresh water and many families appreciate clean water as a result.  But when we left last year, we requested that a sign be posted “Thanks to the women of Joy2theWorld”.    Sure enough!  We drove by the sight and […]

Back in Ghana!

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Families here live in “compounds”. Small homes almost connected, designed at angles to provide a little privacy, so the family stays together even after marriages. Families are strong here and very loving. I met parents, siblings, girlfriend and they were all gracious and popped in to say hello.