Dagara music…drums, bells and “rattles”…

Before the break I made a personal promise to my teachers that I would find a music teacher!  I really stuck my neck out because I really had NO idea how I was going to make it happen!  I knew our children needed to learn the cultural music here and I am aware that a few of our students are especially drawn to music and instruments.  But we have few funds and even fewer resources (contacts for teachers).

Then last week, after church a musician from the choir followed me to my car.  Gerome asked me if I was interested in bringing music to our students.  Really?  Oh yes!  Really!  Gerome plays at the Dagara Music Center – a world famous group who tour throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Gerome teaching how to play the rattle

Gerome teaching how to play the rattle

He just returned from the U.S. (John F. Kennedy Music Center in N.Y.) and he is bringing his talents to Joy2theWorld International Christian Academy!

The children are learning how to play drums (tones, rhythms, beat) and they are playing a joyful noise!  All the children are able to play some instrument (either the drums, rattles or bells).

I still believe that God listens to my promises (and prayers!) and helps us every day!  Some ask how we can continue to build on so little…it is because of generous sponsors and donors who keep us alive and growing.

Maybe some day, one of our own will be playing at the Kennedy Music Center too!

Abigail is smiling!  So happy to learn the rattle

Abigail is smiling! So happy to learn the rattle

KG2 drums

KG2 drums

Completing a year of the Sanitation Project 2013-2014 in Medie, Ghana

Joy2theWorld is very proud to partner with Rotary International and Rotary Clubs in the U.S. and Accra to complete the Sanitation Project we started March 1, 2013.  It took a team to produce the planning, negotiating, educating, financing, building of community cooperation, (long, hot, filthy) digging, bulldozing, spreading, planting and finally celebrating and photographing.

I will take this opportunity to appreciate Mohammed Sulemana’s hard work, patience, persistence and perseverance.  He played an important role in every stage of this project.  Mohammed worked tirelessly to make this happen and to get the cooperation of all the stakeholders…the community, the politicians, the government agencies, the contractors and more.  I cannot imagine this project’s success without Mohammed.

It was Sarah Ehrlinger, working full time on this project for Joy2theWorld, to raise the funds through Rotary and help us realize our dream to clear this toxic waste and improve the quality of life for the Medie community.  Because of her ingenuity and contacts with Rotary (as a Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholar) in the U.S. that we were able to fund this project.

Joy2theWorld had a team on this project that persisted and projected the completion NO MATTER WHAT!

Of course, we are forever grateful to Rotary International, Rotary Club of Houghton, MI (Past President Cindy Enderby) and President George Opare Baidu of Rotary Club of Accra, GH for the financial assistance to make this project come to life.

Joy2theWorld started this project assuming it would take 6 months and we would be free to start our school.  It actually took a year.  For this reason, we thank and acknowledge the staff and teachers and especially the children who have thrived in spite of the diverted attention of the Office Manager (Mohammed) and Proprietress (Kathleen Gibbs).  Now that the project is complete, you have our full attention!

And, last but not least, we are grateful to the community of Medie who listened to our promises and believed in us.  They participated in classes, Community Labor Day projects (where all the community arrived with rakes to clean the streets along  with the waste company),went door-to-door educating and today are celebrating with us – the fresh air, the clean land, the working public W.C. and dreams of a future open market place that will impact the economic stability of the whole village.

The "before" pictures

The “before” pictures

Thank you one and all.

Here are the pictures that encapsulates the

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

Children walking on toxic waste dump collecting aluminum to re-sell.

year of the Sanitation Project 2013-14.

Cleared, secure , clean land ...the "after" picture

Cleared, secure , clean land …the “after” picture

Zoomlion team ready to help community clean up

Zoomlion team ready to help community clean up

itEveryone works together on Communal Labor Day

The community came together to clean streets